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SunSun CEO Mr Sun are interviewed by Alighting at Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2013

July 5,2013

As the world's largest and most influential lighting fair——the 18th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition opened in China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou from June 9th –June 12th. On June 10, Alighting reporters who are from Guangya official media are invited into the SunSun lighting booth (4.1/A10) for a face-to-face interview with SunSun CEO Mr Sun.

SunSun CEO Mr Sun

Cooperation with JD.com , the popular E-commerce platform for a further popularization of LED lighting products

         Since April 2013, JD.com, the most famous E-commerce platform in China, and SunSun have been working together. The purpose of such cooperation, as SunSun CEO Mr. Sun tells reporter, is to support China's energy saving and environmental protection activityto optimize technique from LED upstream to downstream firms and to reduce the LED products cost. Most of all, the end aim is for a further popularization of LED lighting products. Mr. Sun also mentions that the cooperation has brought mutual benefits for both SunSun and JD.com. To be specific, the lighting products sales on JD.com are several times compared with that of last year, while JD.com is proved as one of SunSun’s main sales channels.

Adhere to the "high performance and good quality” product strategy, reject short-term sales practices

      To control the quality of products is a problem worthy of much attention. In LED industry, Mr Sun claims that the existing market situation is that there are still many non-compliant products. Because consumers are not able to distinguish LED product quality in a short term, some companies do shoddy work and use inferior material for short-term profits. Such behavior shall not be adopted by SunSun and SunSun shall adhere to the "high performance and good quality” product strategy.

Expand agent recruitment and develop innovative LED products

            Mr. Sun explains that SunSun’s development is planned stage by stage. Currently, the plan is to expand the agent recruitment throughout the country and to provide customers with a complete standardization of commercial lighting products. Mr. Sun emphasized that SunSun’s commercial lighting products and home lighting products have now reached a very mature level with a relatively complete product range which will facilitate agent recruitment.

           This is the third time that SunSun joined in Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition. Relying on independent and leading technologies of LED driving and system integration, abundant international venture investment , SunSun are looking forward to continue to develop new products, expand production and sales, truly bring the LED lighting to every family.