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SunSun Lighting Participated in 2012 Hong Kong Lighting Fair (Autumn)

November 14,2012

Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition 2012 was held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Of its kind, Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition ranks the first in Asia and the second worldwide in respect of size. It is an international platform for promoting new products of LED lighting industry all the time. On the occasion, enterprises of lighting industry at home and abroad gather together and SunSun Lighting, the world-class lighting enterprise also shows up with its self-developed product families, including high luminous efficiency A19 bulbs, high color rendering index A19 bulbs, full range of color temperature T8 tubes, MR16s, PAR lamps, down lights, grille spotlight, ceiling lamps and panel lamps, etc. as well as "total lighting solution”.

As one of the renowned exhibitors of “Hong Kong International Lighting Fair Autumn Edition 2012”, SunSun Lighting China Co., Ltd. (booth No.: 1A-C40) actively expanded commercial lighting domain by virtue of the self-developed technological superiority, low cost control as well as the high-efficiency, reliable and energy-conservative LED lighting products. Furthermore, it also broke through the market space of LED commercial lighting by means of self-independent innovation. In recent years, SunSun Lighting has become the favorite partner of a large number of customers both at home and abroad and the credible partner of traders all over the world. Its products also command a ready market in countries and regions such as Europe, the America, Japan, Asia and Africa. SunSun Lighting provides global customers with “total lighting solution” with internationalized quality and great competitive edge on this occasion by virtue of its complete commercial lighting product line.

        While persisting in the product strategy of “high performance, low cost”, SunSun Lighting further launches a 40W equivalent bulb at such ultra low-price as “RMB100 for 4” at this exhibition. The relevant official with SunSun Lighting explained that such product strategy is exactly stemmed from SunSun Lighting’s effective control of product cost and implementation of comprehensive product marketization truly in favor of marketing channels and distributors under the prerequisite of commanding core technological superiority. Furthermore, SunSun Lighting input the exclusive patented PowerXplore drive and integrated technology to ultra low-cost products as well, so that the conversion rate of power source reaches as high as 92%, 10%-20% higher than that of main stream products in the market currently. Yet, the consistent exquisite and unique appearance and design of products remain unchanged to guarantee customers to acquire high-end products at super low prices.

        As the vanguard of lighting industry, SunSun Lighting is an innovative enterprise integrating LED lighting research and development, production and promotion. The company has obtained support from the prestigious GSR Ventures and Oak International Venture Capital Fund with its product lines covering commercial lighting, office lighting and home lighting. The company is composed of a group of experienced industry experts and highly qualified professional management personnel. The production base is located in Changzhou, with an annual output of 30 million of LED bubbles and 10 million of commercial and engineering lighting products.